Tuesday, November 04, 2003

AR2003/01 Barker Dam, Tuesday04NOV03

Some of you missed a very pleasant morning at Barker Dam today, in glorious fall weather. We found these birds:
Raven Bushtit Ruby Crowned Kinglet
Oak Titmouse Bewicks Wren Spotted Towhee
Red Shafted FlickerOregon Jungco American Robin
Say's Phoebe Red Tail Hawk Mourning Dove
House Finch Lincoln Sparrow Hermit Thrush
Rock Wren Black Phoebe Phainopepla
White Crown Sparrow

There was water at the dam and we found the Red Spotted Toads - Dee and Donna passed
Red Spotted Toad Handling and Hygene 101 .

Lots of interesting plants to see and good to have Ann with us to spread her wisdom.

We will dream up another shortly.

Barry Parkes
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