Wednesday, July 12, 2006

BMB06/15 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve Closed

Preserve Closed

BLM today closed the Preserve until further notice, due to the fire which is raging over more than 35,000 acres from Pioneer Town to Morongo Valley. Many homes in Pioneer Town have been lost and MrsM tells me that Dave Miller’s new house is one of them: the fire is now threatening Morongo Valley; a voluntary evacuation order for homes west of 62 is in place but we have heard of no one being hurt. Dee and Betty are out of town until tomorrow evening.

Oak Glen Monday 10JUL06

We had a fine walk at Oak Glen on Monday with eight Big Morongo Birders, including three teenagers, saw 22 species. Starting a little after 8am, we soon found that an elevation of 4500 feet or so is no guarantee of cool weather! The upper lake is almost dry and the only water birds we saw were Mallards and Coots – no sign of the Sora. The blackberries are way behind and are unlikely to be ready before at least mid August.

Top of the Tram Tuesday 25JUL06

Meet at the Tram before 10am for a walk around Desert View with picnic – don’t forget water! There will be no Hidden Lake this trip but we should see good birding with little effort. My namesake saw several Red Crossbills around the mule pens near the Ranger Station recently.

Big Bear Friday28JUL06

Meet at Big Morongo Parking lot for car pooling at 7am or at the Discovery Centre in Big Bear at 8.45am or thereabouts. Bring a picnic lunch and water, and we should have a full day of good birding.

It helps if you let me know if you intend to join any of these field trips.

Good Birding!