Monday, November 17, 2003

AR2003/02 Mission Creek, Monday 17NOV03

We were fortunate to have a good morning of birding and nature at Mission Creek - don't look to this site for a negative review!.

We had a wonderful peaceful and tranquil morning - it's like another world once you find you way through 17 locks and chains - and found a good array of birds.

Red Tail Hawks Say's Phoebe White Crowned Sparrow
Scrub Jay Phainopepla Mourning Dove
Bewick's Wren Ladderback Woodpecker Raven
Black Throated SparrowRuby Crowned Kinglet California Towhee
Rock Wren Golden Eagle House Finch
Red Shafted Flicker
red denotes small surcharge for wonderful sighting.

In addition, we saw lots of butterflies and in particular saw zillions of Painted Ladies on Black Banded Rabbit Bush - still very much in flower, and photographed to death by Donna and Margaret

Many thanks for your support; we will dream up more, but remember that suggestions are always welcome.


Barry Parkes
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