Wednesday, December 22, 2004

AV04/51 Christmas Bird Count 18th December 2004

On Saturday 18th December we had a fine Christmas Bird Count, using about 35 birders and this year using a dedicated team for Mission Creek. We found 74 species, the same as last year, though a different mix, from 7am to rather later than we might have been, after a pizza and salad celebration.

Birding this morning was a challenge. At 8am with a temperature of 50° and blustery winds Big Morongo was less than comfortable, and in poor condition to welcome back Kaybird. The wind calmed and we had a good morning with 35 species including a Brown Creeper, our Red-naped Sapsucker and a glimpse of the Harris’ Sparrow.

We send seasonal greetings to all, and our very best wishes for good health and good birding in