Wednesday, December 08, 2004

AV04/48 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 8th December 2004

With an 8am temperature of 41 our group of twelve had a fine morning, a little reminiscent of Saturday when Dee and I started with a heavy emphasis on raptors. We soon saw a Northern Harrier, a Sharp-shinned, Red-shouldered and several Cooper’s Hawks. Also of note were the Yellow-shafted Flicker, many Western Bluebirds, but no Robins. Barney is very much in evidence, now favouring the middle palm tree. Oregon- and Slate coloured Juncos were in evidence as was the Harris’ Sparrow which your scribe finally saw – with help from Mr Smiley.

David Novick was with us, thankfully as our recorder, back from a visit to Mexico with lengthy tales of exotic sightings to die for. Mrs M missed out again, slaving over a hot kitchen, and Wander Woman is wandering again, this time back to London and Amsterdam. We miss them all.

Don’t forget:
Thursday 16th December to Lake Cahuilla. Meet at Big Morongo for car-pooling at 7am and 7.30am at the Beer Hunter in La Quinta, Washington and Highway 111. Bring water and maybe a snack (but there have been murmurs of Elmer’s).

Saturday 18th December Christmas Bird Count Big Morongo 7am.

Friday 7th January San Jacinto Wildlife Area Meet for carpool at Big Morongo 7am or Denny's Palm Springs at Indian and I10 at 7.30am.

Good Birding………….bb