Thursday, October 14, 2004

AV04/38 Saturday Walks & Big Morongo Canyon 13th October 2004

Our new Saturday Walks began quietly on the 9th, with six birders and a preponderance of leaders, but no harm in that. We had a pleasant morning, including a visit from Barbara, and expect to see attendance rising as the season moves along.

Wednesday 13th October saw fourteen birders ready to welcome Karma and Mark, back from Spokane, for a good morning's birding. We had around 35 species, saw the end of the Flycatchers, save for the Phoebe's, no Summer Tanager (but we had one Western). We did have Cedar Waxwings, Loggerhead Shrike and Phainopepla, together with Red- and White-breasted Nuthatches - quite a treat! We also saw Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush - a first for MrsM this season, and Pine Siskins, which she regularly spots. The Barn Owl continues to wait for us in the park and trying to see it, without falling over backwards, is an on-going challenge. Altogether a fine morning, which was followed by a small intimate lunch for fourteen at the new Roadhouse (on it's opening day). At 11.30 opening time there were forty people waiting outside; the staff and the menu were the same, only the venue was changed!

Sunday 24th October we plan a Salton Sea trip. Car-pool at Big Morongo at 6.15am and at TA truckstop (aka Burns Bros) at Dillon and I10 at 7am. We plan to go directly to Wister (Davis Road) and explore from there; bring a picnic and water and plan for a fairly full day. We will have scopes (ours and I expect Ken Wright's) and it should be a good day - and not too warm.

Call me with queries at 760 328 6750, cell 333 2366............good birding.

Barry Parkes