Thursday, September 16, 2004

AV04/33 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 15th September 2004

Eight Summer birders, including the welcome return of Bonnie and Wander Woman after extended absences, had a very pleasant and successful walk in weather which is becoming regularly pleasant and cool. I am told that the heat is behind us, but then I hear that every year (and then the over-seeding is burned off!!)

We saw thirty three species, including a repeat of the Red-eyed Vireo, Cedar Waxwing, Oak Titmouse, Loggerhead Shrike and agreed that it was a remarkable performance given the absence of Eagle-eye Smiley doing his Pelagic stuff in Monterey, and Margaret up in the Big City, but well backed up by MrsM.

Patrick Casey, the Webmaster of has released his latest enhancement of the preserve website. You can now see a reproduction of the 'Birds seen over the last week - or so' that appears in the kiosk, on the website. Birds seen appear in blue and you can see a 'last update', so you know if Dee is slacking. Well done Patrick!

We have an outing planned to Lake Hemet and Idyllwild
Thursday September 30th - all day. Car-pool at Big Morongo at 7am, and at St Margaret's in Palm Desert on Highway 74 at 7.30am. We expect to reach Lake Hemet around 8.15am and Sig and others may like to meet us there. Bring a picnic and water for a possibly lengthy day - we are looking for Eagles and whatever else we can find.

Queries to me below, or at 328 6750, cell 333 2366. Good

Barry Parkes