Tuesday, August 03, 2004

AV04/24 Oak Glen Preserve 3rd August 2004

At 8.30am, Oak Glen at 62 degrees is hard to beat, as two more birders will attest!

Sunny, clear, and fresh - and you don't get that in the CV, although you may in the Hi-Desert, - we started through the California woods at a leisurely pace and found twenty birds. This could have been many more had there been the hot-shot birders we usually have; Dee, Margaret, Mr Smiley and MrsM were absent.

Red Wing Blackbird, American Robin, Gambel's Quail,
House Finch, Mountain Chickadee, American Coot,
Great Tailed Grackle, Black Phoebe, Acorn Woodpecker,
Spotted Towhee, Western Tanager, Mourning Dove,
Scrub Jay, Nuttall's Woodpecker, Black Headed Grosebeak,
Western Wood Pewee, Red Tail Hawk, Lark Sparrow,
Western BlueBird, Lesser Goldfinch,
..................and a turtle about 18 inches long.

A remarkable first year male Grosebeak, and a pair of very young Coot chicks with red bills and quite vivid yellow and rust plumage around the head and shoulders made our morning. Wonderful views of soaring Red-Tails.

We were alone on the trail, had a wonderful morning, and stroked the apples. Your scribe, celebrating a significant event, tried to prevent the sweetest, luscious, wild blackberries dying on the stem; he did not win, but went down fighting.

The schedule, with a soft 'sch', is clear but stand by.

You may notice that this comes from a new address. Both new and old are operative but I thought it appropriate that Big Morongo Birders had their own home. Good Birding...............bb

Barry Parkes
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