Saturday, July 03, 2004

AV04/17 July Excursions - Barker Dam and Malki Museum, Cabazon

Monday 19th July, Barker Dam. We are told there is water in the dam, and intend to meet at 7.30am for car-pooling at Big Morongo. Back in time for lunch, but don't forget water(and nuts and power-bars if they are your thing).

Thursday 29th July, Malki Museum. Meet for car-pooling at Denny's Palm Springs, Indian and I10 at 8.15am. This should be an interesting day and we hope to include some birding - details later.

Following this circular our distribution list will be slimmed down to those who normally bird with us (from time to time) leaving others to view the web site at their discretion
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In Morongo and environs we have recently been experiencing very fine weather - MrsM, in Yucca, boasts of not needing to use her cooler - and the warmer weather appears to have shifted to Spokane, where Mark is having some sparkling birding and is frustrated because he can't share it with us. Denny and Sharon in Waterton National Park Alberta, joined for part of their stay by the Charests, sent a specie list which was quite wonderful; perhaps best described as a combination of Linda (York) and Dee with a few extras thrown in.

More information on Malki Museum will follow. Please let me have suggestions for future outings; we would like to return to Oak Glen and Top of the Tram but we need input!