Friday, June 04, 2004

AV04/11 Big Morongo and Pipe's Canyon

We summer birders (missing Dorothy who was out of the loop, but is now in it) had an interesting walk on Wednesday, starting with a rare Barn Owl spotted by Midge as it flew by the parking lot.
We have had two separate reports over the last week of Yellow Billed Cuckoos seen on the Marsh Trail, so we started with the Marsh and went on to the Mesquite and Barn Trails. We tried hard but could not find the Cuckoo, but had good sightings of the Yellow Breasted Chat, Summer Tanager, and Ash-Throated Flycatchers - and the shade was much cooler!

Margaret Hoggan has reported seeing zillions of Mountain Quail chicks at Pipe's Canyon so next Wednesday 9th June we intend to bird there rather than at Big Morongo. Leave Big Morongo at 7.30am or meet at Pipe's Canyon at 8am. There may be some car pooling from Big Morongo. Don't forget water, but expect to be back before lunch.
We expect to resume Big Morongo walks on Wednesdays at 8am on 16th June.

We had a communication from Mrs M. She and Wander Woman, having 'done' London are now in Amsterdam testing the waters, and obviously doing some birding. I was surprised when Mrs M acknowledged that she was having problems IDing the birds - I guess it must be the unfamiliar specie list. All appears to be well.

Our web-site is not complete - we can't get the specie columns right - but the essentials are there. See what you think at
When we have sorted out formatting problems we intend to slim down the APB distribution list to those who commonly join us, and suggest to others that they keep in touch by reference to the web-site.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome at 760 328 6750, cell 333 2366.

Barry Parkes


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