Tuesday, March 30, 2004

AR04/06 Section 6/Pipe's Canyon 30MAR04

After meeting at Park Centre and watching CHP have breakfast, twelve Big Morongans went directly to Section 6 and spent over three hours re-working what we saw last Friday and helped by having Ann Garry with us. How could we have not seen Silver Puff? We continued to Pipe's Canyon the 'back way' via Old Woman Springs and saw fine carpets along the way. Pipe's Canyon, where we met Sean Berne, was a good stop for lunch followed by very clear calls from more than one Mountain Quail - but we did not see any. We did see several wonderful hillsides of Canterbury Bells - remarkable!

Specie count was about seventy, mostly in Section 6
Tobacco Wishbone Canterbury Bells Mallow Chia
Cat's Tongue Heliotrope Dandelion Silver Puff Spine Flower
Bladder Pod Spectacle Pod Barrel Cactus Jojoba Brown Eyed Primrose
Pringles & Wallaces Wooly Daisies Chicory Fiddle Neck Ambrosia
Desert Poppy Scale Bud Purple Mat Larkspur Broad Flowered Gilia
Forget me not Pin Cushion Desert Calico Mormon Tea Indian Paintbrush
Mojave Aster Desert Parsley Desert Turban Cotton Top Cactus Paper Bag Bush
Cheese Bush Tick Seed California Buckwheat Hop Sage Creosote
Mojave Yucca Desert Marigold Blue Dick White Tidy Tips Whispering Bells
Joshua Tree Dudlia Senna Phacelia Ground Cherry
African Daisy Venus Blazing Stars Bird's Beak Desert Trumpet Verbena
Hole in the Sand Dune Primrose Scale Buds Wild Rhubarb Linear Leaf Goldenbush
Mojave Sage Rattlesnake Weed Goldfield Mojave Poppy Hairy Leaved Comb Bur
Deer Weed Desert Willow Mule Fat Cotton Thorn Bachrus

Gambel's Quail Costa's HB Rock Wren Mourning Dove Black Throated Sparrow
Raven Red Tail Hawk Mocking Bird Brewer's Sparrow White Crown Sparrow
Ruby Crowned KL Wh Throated Swift Western Wood Pee Wee Say's Phoebe Western Kingbird
Scrub Jay House Finch Loggerhead Shrike

Western Fence Liz Side Blotched Liz Western Whiptail Desert Spiny Liz Desert Horned Lizard

California Patch Orange Tip Cabbage and Jack Rabbit Cotton Tail

California Tree Frog & a zillion tadpoles

Next on the schedule is April 22nd Motte Rimrock Reserve. Tentative schedule is Denny's at Indian & I10 at 7am, Big Morongo 6.30am. Suggest at least a snack and plenty of water
Barry Parkes