Friday, December 19, 2003

AR2003/04 San Jacinto Wildlife Area, Friday 19DEC03

We had a very pleasant, and lengthy morning, missing Dee but welcoming Kay, back from Hawaii. From a very chilly start it was a wonderful fall morning - and we noticed that the colour-change of the cottonwoods was considerably behind those at Big Morongo.

We did not set any records for specie count, but did discover Phainopepla Heaven. A mass of mistletoe with very many phainopepla plus mocking birds and very attractive house finches making the most of the last of the Alkali Goldenbush flowers.

Phainopepla Verdin Mourning Dove Red Shafted Flicker
Costas Hummingbird House Finch Sharp shinned Hawk Starling
Raven Mocking Bird Cactus Wren Yellow Rump Warbler
Marsh Wren Red Tailed Hawk Gambels Quail White Crowned Sparrow
Great Tailed Grackle

Just a reminder of future dates;
Friday 19th December to San Jacinto
Monday 12th January 2004 to Cibola.
Thursday 22nd January to the Salton Sea (tentative)
and don't forget Linda York's Wild Bird Centre - This coming Saturday at 8am.

Car Pools - in addition to any car-pooling I mention, it is usual to pool from Big Morongo and I suggest that High Desert folks contact either Dee at 363 7190 or Jane at 365 0427 (I'm pretty much out of the loop).

Any problems or suggestions please call me at 328 6750 or cell 333 2366.


Barry Parkes
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