Thursday, May 20, 2004

AV04/10 Pipe's Canyon 16MAY04

Thirteen Big Morongo Birders met at Pipe's Canyon in textbook Southern California weather, in our continuing search for Mountain Quail - and whatever else we could find.

We found
Black Throated Sparrow Scrub Jay White Crowned Sparrow
Ruby Crowned Kinglet Bushtit California Gnatcatcher
Red Tailed Hawk Lesser Goldfinch American Robin
Bewick's Wren Spotted Towhee Wrentit
Rock Wren Verdin California Thrasher
Ladderback Woodpecker Gambels Quail Oak Titmouse
Red Shafted Flicker Loggerhead Shrike

It grieves me to say so but, yet again, the Mountain Quail eluded us. We heard it but, notwithstanding Donna T's heroic mountaineering escapades - which succeeded in flushing one or more - we did not see any.

It was a most pleasant morning, and it was good to see a fair amount of water short of one and a half miles from the trail-head. Lots of encouragement to return later in the Spring - good idea Wander Woman!

Don't Forget the visit to Gene Cardiff on 23 February - more later. Good

Barry Parkes
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