Thursday, April 29, 2004

AR04/08 Oak Glen Preserve 29APR04

After I handed over the driving reigns to Midge, my car being sick, seven very hardy Morongans arrived at Oak Glen Preserve at 8am to thick mist and a temperature of 45 degrees. We thought positive, admired the very different scenery, and proceeded at a very leisurely pace.

Stellar's Jay Spotted Towhee American Robin Scub Jay
Starling Mourning Dove N Mockingbird Red Wing Blackbird
Acorn Woodpecker American Coot Great Tailed Grackle Song Sparrow
Bullock's Oriole American Crow Black Phoebe Nuttall's Woodpecker
Rock Dove Common Raven Western Bluebird Black Headed Grosbeak
Bushtit Red Tail Hawk Western Tanager Red Shafted Flicker
House Finch
Dee claimed a pair of Mountain Quail but I believe he was only demonstrating Morongan imagination

At the small pond we were impressed with many RW Blackbirds and Grackles at very close quarters, busy nest-building.

The trees and bushes were striking and quite different from any other birding areas we have visited - very rich and lush with a range of vivid greens. A copse of Giant Sequoia most impressive. There was a fine display of several Yucca Whipplei and lots of Miner's Lettuce. Dee and Phyllis plan on research to clarify some of the flowers we saw.

We walked around two miles and thoroughly enjoyed it, repaired to the picnic tables for a gourmet repast (very varied) and after a brief visit to Apple Valley (Phyllis had to have the pie), we reached Palm Springs around 1.30pm. Oak Glen Preserve is well worth a return visit; many thanks

Barry Parkes