Monday, July 19, 2004

AV04/20 Barker Dam 19th July 2004

Cool weather doesn't last for ever, but this morning was very pleasant.

Barker Dam had plenty of water, but hardly an abundance of species - we saw about 15 including a Loggerhead Shrike and a Turkey Vulture, neither of which we have seen much of in recent times. We saw very many young Black-throated Sparrows and Mourning Doves. Hawk-eye Dianne spotted a young male Big Horn Sheep lounging in the shade of a rock, short of the water; it was rather like Bambi with horns and straight from Central Casting. Possibly a left-over from when Disney painted the petrogliphs. A few minutes later Dianne found another sheep, this time a mature male with very handsome horns and a similar pose; not bad for a Morongo beginner!

Kay and Jane had what sounds like a super trip to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, notwithstanding weather which sounded a little extreme simply to avoid the Coachella Valley warmth. We are told of Gannet colonies and Atlantic Puffins - and Jane had healthy additions to her Life List. Sharon was in the Rocky Mountains and enjoyed seeing a White Tailed Ptarmigan with five 'adorable little chicks'.

We are still on schedule for Malki Museum on 29th July and are giving further thought to 'after the museum' activities following a recent visit by our Mr Smiley; we will advise you further.
Don't forget also, Oak Glen on Tuesday, 3rd August.

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Barry Parkes