Wednesday, July 07, 2004

AV04/18 Big Morongo Canyon 7th July 2004

Our first 7am start saw eleven birders, including two from Northern California, head towards the Mesquite and Canyon trails. On Sunday Mark Chappell saw a Yellow Billed Cuckoo and apparently reported it to the rare bird alert - which explained our visitors. The Cuckoo was seen in the Cottonwood with the Cooper's nest on the Canyon trail. Mark provided me with most impressive pictures of both the Cuckoo and a Cooper's Hawk.

Alas, we were not to see the Cuckoo but we noted a significant increase in bird chatter compared with the 8am start, and saw 37 species including Black-Tailed Gnatcatcher, Oak Titmouse and Blue Grosebeak. Some of our party saw a Bobcat with two kittens on the Marsh trail (your scribe missed them).

Linda Charest rescued two baby Snipe from a busy highway; they had been run over and blown around by three cars, but the wheels missed! Bill Simpkins found his Condor in Grand Canyon!

Our Mr Smiley will discuss with the Malki Museum people how best to fill out our day. We hope to include birding in addition to the Museum and a picnic lunch. If you plan to join us will you please let me know, so that we can give the museum an indication of our likely numbers.

Dates to remember; Monday July 19th, Barker Dam and Thursday July 29th Malki Museum.


Barry Parkes