Thursday, September 02, 2004

AV04/31 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 1st September 2004

Eleven birders, including Sharon and Dave back from Huntington Beach after a lengthy absence, spent a very fruitful three hours, after what might be called a 'fresh' start at 7am: the early mornings really are very pleasant. We started with the Marsh trail and were somewhat surprised to find a Yellow Breasted Chat - we have neither heard nor seen them for a couple of weeks. Marsh was good for warblers, and a noisy Summer Tanager, and crossing the meadow via the Barn was fruitful, including yet another sighting of the silent Ash Throated Flycatcher - I do hope we got that right!. The Park was bitty, but the walk up to the Ball Park was interesting and pushed up the count - but no Phaneopepla, yet again!

Unfortunately Angela and Ken, from Cumbria England, missed our walk on this their first visit to the Preserve and your scribe took them on a mini-walk to help them find Life Birds. We found half a dozen including a (silent) Chat, Ash-throated Flycatcher, flocks of Bushtits and of course our signature Vermilion Flycatcher.

Dee and Betty are back from the damp Pacific North West, refreshed and invigorated, and breathing new life into the Preserve.

No Outings planned, but if anyone would like to go to Wild-Wings Bird Walk on Saturday 11th September in Big Bear let me know: it will mean a 6.30am departure from Big Morongo.


Barry Parkes