Wednesday, August 04, 2004

AV04/25 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 4th August 2004

A mild morning and a 7am start made for a pleasant walk over the meadow and through the park. The Blue Grosebeak and Brown Crested Flycatcher are very much in evidence but the Ash Throated appear to have moved on. We saw the first Warbling Vireo in the park and are presently seeing Roufus, Anna's, Costa's and Black Chinned Hummingbirds at the feeders.

The Marsh trail was very quiet and the water levels are really quite low. We did not hear any Yellow Breasted Chats but did hear the Virginia Rail. From the trail in front of the Nature Centre we saw a six-point deer heading towards the barn

Monday 16th August 2004 We plan to re-visit the Top of the Tram for a one and a half mile walk for birding and picnic. Meet at the tram at 9.45am for the 10am tram.

Monday 30th August 2004 We plan to visit Big Bear Lake for birding and picnic lunch. Car-pool from Big Morongo at 7.30am and probably return mid afternoon.

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