Thursday, September 09, 2004

AV04/32 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 8th September 2004

More of our mild weather led to a most pleasant walk; it's just the lack of sleep for those who don't live in Morongo Valley and it's environs that presents a problem. The initial challenge to our ten birders, including our Mr Smiley who is progressing very well thank you, was to find a Red-eyed Vireo which others had reported.

We found 45 Species, including the aforementioned Vireo, which may or may not be a short-time record, but it was sufficient to impress our party - and this without walking the Marsh Trail. Of note was a Calliope Hummingbird sighting at the feeders, also banded by Barbara's team several days earlier; Willow and Pacific-slope Flycatchers, and Red-Breasted Sapsuckers, were also seen after some considerable time. Chickadees at the feeders and White-breasted Nuthatches in the park, continue to be easily found, and a Black-throated Grey Warbler was a new find.

The Fall Newsletter has been distributed to it's usual wide acclaim, thanks to Donna Thomas, and if you did not receive one but would like to do so, contact or call me.

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Barry Parkes