Friday, October 22, 2004

AV04/39 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve Oct 16th & 20th 2004

An interesting morning for nine birders on Saturday - and Linda & Sharon are back! We competed for birding space with Gene Cardiff who had a class, and who managed to find a Yellow-shafted Flicker. We ourselves found a Black-throated Grey Warbler, which sent Gene scrambling, and our semi-permanent Barn Owl and Red-naped Sapsucker. The Red- and White-breasted Nuthatches were seen and we had a count of 30+ species.

Today was a different ball-game; we had eight birders, only one of which, Dave, was sensible enough to spend most of his time in his car or at the feeders. We seven, including Michael en route to New Zealand, covered the Kiosk, the Park, the Meadow (waterlogged in part) and the Nature Centre in pouring rain. As always we had a good morning, with the Barn Owl and Nuthatches still there, and found 19 species. The Preserve driveway was flooded, as were large parts of Morongo Valley, and Dee and Betty were sensible to be 'out of town'!

Over the last few days we had reports from visitors of a Purple Finch and an American Redstart.

A reminder for Sunday and the Salton Sea. Meet at Big Morongo at 6.15am, T/A truckstop (Burns Bros) at 7am, and bring a picnic and water. Call me with problems, 328 6750, cell 333 2366.


Barry Parkes