Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BMB06/17 Top of the Tram 25th July 2006

Yesterday Ten Big Morongo Birders, including MrsM’s sister Kay and her beginning-birder friends Debbie and Janet, had a fine morning in the relative cool of Top of the Tram. We did not have a large specie count, which was no surprise, but we did see many Western Bluebirds and White-headed Woodpeckers, to say nothing of a Williamson’s Sapsucker! Tom and Dorothy carried on to Hidden Lake with Harlon and April and the diehards repaired to the Tram Deck for a jarrette before being pushed inside by a minor thunderstorm.

This morning our Preserve walk started with four Friends Board Members plus Dee in heavy overcast and high humidity – but the warm weather appears to have been broken – and not before time!. A visitor from England joined us and we had a specie count of 37.

Big Bear Friday 28th July 2006

Meet at Big Morongo parking lot for car pooling at 7am or at the Discovery Centre in Big Bear at 8.45am or thereabouts. Bring a picnic lunch and water and we should have a full day of good birding.

This looks like a minimal attendance field trip but late cancellations make it too late to cancel.

Bearpaw Ranch Friday 11th August 2006

Meet at Denny’s & I10 in Palm Springs at 7am for car pooling. Consolidate at the parking lot of the Ranger Station at Yucaipa on Highway 38 around 8am. Bring a picnic and water: this could be an interesting day – we have not been for a couple of years.

If you would like to join please email me and I will confirm.

Queries, call me at 760 328 6750 or cell 760 333 2366 or email. If you are weary of these messages, send an email and I will delete.

Good Birding……