Friday, January 21, 2005

BMB05/04 San Jacinto Wildlife Area 21St January 2005

Meeting at San Jacinto around 8.45am we were 26 Big Morongo Birders, including Paul and Dorothy who found us before their imminent return to Salisbury, England, in ten vehicles. We really should try to whittle down the vehicles!.
We had a good day with several animated discussions relating to identification but I don’t think we allowed anyone to get away with too romantic a supposed sighting. I recorded 75 species including all three Teals -Blue, Green and Cinnamon, arather super Vermillian, very close, a Sora, Common Merganser and many Red-tailed Hawks. If you would like a full list please ask
After a picnic lunch and a futile search for bluebirds – not many had seen them – we went to Lake Perris. This was a first for some, including your scribe, and a last for some, also including your scribe, but now we have at least been there and seen it. All in all a good and tiring day – good practice for Big Morongo tomorrow.

Monday 31st January Pipe’s Canyon. Meet at Big Morongo for carpool at 7.30am, or 8am at the trailhead. We will be finished before lunch but bring water. There may well be more water than we have become accustomed to. Note that with Pioneer Town road closed, Pipe’s Canyon should be approached via Old Woman Springs.

Good Birding………….bb

Barry Parkes