Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BMB05/13 Anza Borrego 14th March 2005

What can I say?

Twenty BigMorongoBirders left the truck stop at 7am and arrived at the Hawk watch shortly after 8am. We found an enthusiastic group of hawk watchers looking one or two miles to the east, trying to find some of the 150 Swainson’s Hawks which had arrived the night before. We watched, and looked through scopes at spots in the distance, said to be SWs, and moved to an area closer to the migrating SWs, where we did see some interesting kettles and migration. Several of our birders joined in trying to assist the Hawk watch team and having identified 141 Swainson’s Hawks migrating, the watch was suspended for the morning. Several of us agreed that this was an exceedingly steep learning curve, which we would hesitate to repeat.

At this point the vehicles scattered to the four winds, all, we think, via the excellent Visitor Centre. Some went to Henderson Canyon, some to the Salton Sea (where Dee and his army had lunch at Sonny Bono) but it seems many enjoyed their day, which is gratifying. Lucky MrsM was not there; she would have spoken directly. Apologies for the confusion - we will ensure better communication in the future.

Very fine flowers, limited in variety but good volume – lots of Indigo in flower, remarkably similar to Smoke Tree.

Nothing scheduled, but Good Birding……….bb