Thursday, January 27, 2005

BMB05/06 Pipe's Canyon - Schedule Change

Given the condition of the Pipe's Canyon trails, and the forecast wet weather over the next couple of days, we have postponed our walk there until a date to be advised.

Monday 31st January, Coachella Valley Wild Bird Centre. Meet for car-pool at Big Morongo at 8am (should be good for those who work to Yucca or JT time) or at Linda York's at 9am. Linda is out of town at present. Bring water, but we should be through in time for a snack of some sort, probably at Elmer's. If anyone sees Marcia Johnson before Monday please tell her the revised timing, and let me know.

Friday 11th February UCR Botanical Gardens. Meet for car-pool at Big Morongo 7am and at Denny's Palm Springs, Indian and I10 at 7.30. Bring water and a picnic lunch; we have no good feel for timing and will play it by ear. Admission is a suggested donation of $1 and parking should be free. You might like to look at their web site This visit was suggested as 'good birding' by Barbara Carlson, and she should know.

Later in the spring, and in warmer weather, we plan to schedule a visit to
UC James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve.
This was suggested by Sig and looks to be an interesting proposition. Their web site makes interesting reading and you may wish to 'bone up' a little - especially if you have a broadband connection.


Barry Parkes