Tuesday, March 22, 2005

BMB05/14 Section 6 & Pipe's Canyon 21st March 2005

Six BMBs including the welcome return of Denny, and including flower hotshots Margaret and Betty had a wonderful morning at Section 6 and went on to visit Pipe’s Canyon, which raised more questions about how best to proceed.

Section 6 is immature, although there is plenty to see. Fiddleneck and Desert Dandelion abound, but many flowers are still in bud and a return visit in about two weeks would be fruitful. We mixed birds flowers and cottontails and here is what we found – although I am sure some were missed;

Canterbury Bells
Fiddle neck
Rock Wren
Gambel’s Quail
Cranesbill (Red-stemmed Filaree)
Desert Dandelion
Wallace’s Woolly Daisy
CA Tick seed
Desert Aster
Black-throated Sparrow
Fremont Pin Cushion
Indian Paint Brush
Purple Mat
Brown-eyed Primrose
Lotus (Desert Rock Pea)
Say’s Phoebe
Woody Bottle-washer?
Little Gold Poppy
White-throated Swift
Silver Puff
Desert Mallow
Desert Tobacco
Sage Thresher
Red Tail Hawk (Pipe’s hereon)
Tidy Tips
Sand Verbena
Desert Almond
Golden Desert Trumpet
Baby Blue Eyes
Cactus Wren
Scrub Jay

Pipe’s was a problem; part of the road to the trailhead has been washed away and access is via the ranger’s house. The wash has running water and quite dangerous rocks in it (at least Cadillacs don't like them). The trail is broken right at the start by running water, which is very pretty but does make for communication problems. There was no colour obviously visible and the canyon is clearly not mature in terms of flowers. The bottom line is don't feel guilty about missing it - but the hillsides down Pipe's Canyon Road from Old Woman Springs are covered with carpets of yellow.

Emily arrived yesterday and visited Section 6 with Mike in the afternoon. MrsM had hip replacement surgery yesterday and by evening was chirpy as you like and offering advice to the Eisenhower help. The signs are good.

Good Birding………….bb

Barry Parkes