Sunday, May 01, 2005

BMB05/16 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 30th April 2005

Twelve Big Morongo Birders, including several Beginning Birders, had a fine morning’s walk yesterday in perfect weather. The Preserve was exceedingly busy with half a dozen or so visiting birding groups from around Southern California – including Margaret with her team from the San Fernando Valley. We started on the Desert Willow trail looking for Lucy’s Warbler, which had been seen earlier, but without success. There was a remarkable number of Phainopepla on that trail, and we went only as far as the fast flowing watercourse, showing more water than anyone has seen previously.

We saw 42 species, including good views of the Blue Grosbeak, Summer Tanager, both Kingbirds and of course the young Vermillion Flycatchers. Margaret’s group had a count of 48 including a Plumbeous Vireo.

We have total of 69 species seen over the last week or so – check out our list at

Good Birding…………bb