Wednesday, June 01, 2005

BMB05/18 Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 1st June 2005

Twenty birders had a very pleasant - and extended - walk in cool weather; 62 at 7am but warming quite quickly. We started from the kiosk and saw so much in the large snag beyond the abandoned water tank that we almost called off the walk. In addition to routine House Finches etc. we had a number of Summer Tanagers, Western Kingbirds, Western Bluebirds and Vermillion Flycatchers. A Blue Grosbeak sat on the fence by the gate to the meadow for some time and our beginning birders had a fine view through the scope. We failed to find the Long Eared Owl and checked the Marsh Trail to 26 but after hearing several Chats failed to see any. Lots and lots of Flycatcher activity. We took the Mesquite trail and the loop to the top of the meadow and the park, and in all saw 40 species before repairing to the Cafe for a small intimate breakfast for 18.

Friday 10th June: Pipe's Canyon

Car Pool from Big Morongo at 7.30am, at the trail head for 8am. Margaret reports that the water levels are now manageable and also that she saw Mountain Quail (which ties in with what we saw last year). Bring water and a snack but we expect to finish in time for lunch on the way back to Yucca and Morongo.

Monday 20th June: Top of the Tram

Meet at the lower tram station in time for the 10am tram. We plan to take the mile and a half loop and have a picnic en route. Bring water and something for your picnic.
I am told that for all practical purposes the snow is gone, but I shall be up there Sunday and if there is any change I will let you know.


Barry Parkes