Saturday, January 07, 2006

BMB06/01- 2006Update

After a lengthy absence due to technical problems, a happy and healthy year of birding to you all!

The last couple of weeks has seen a significant improvement in the specie count at the Preserve and Wednesday's walk produced 31, including Golden-crowned Kinglets, showing the crown, and a number of Western Bluebirds. Last week the specie count reached a high of 41.

Don't forget,
Monday 9th January 2006 Salton Sea

Car pooling at Big Morongo 7am, then T/A Truck Stop (Burns Bros) at Dillon and I10 in Coachella at 7.30am or thereabouts. This will be a full day, bring water and snack/lunch – last January we had 85 species with only a little cheating. If you have radios please bring one – we work on channel 11-22 and they help a lot, particularly if we have many vehicles

Scopes will be useful.

Monday 16th January 2006 San Jacinto Wildlife Area

Car pooling at Big Morongo 7am, Denny’s Palm Springs Indian and I10 at 7.30am. This will be a full day, so bring water and lunch/snacks. Our last visit in January this year saw 75 species, so this could be a good day with a good specie mix (many water birds for those who are not familiar).

Scopes will be useful.

Dee and Betty have new email addresses;

Dee ''

Betty ''

And finally, MrsM and our Mr Smiley saw a Vermilion Warbler at the golf course in Yucca on Wednesday. This was after a (liquid?) lunch at the cafe in MV and you can discuss it with MrsM on Monday.


Barry Parkes