Thursday, June 30, 2005

BMB05/22 Oak Glen 30th June 2005

After car-pooling from Denny’s, it was a pleasant 68° at Oak Glen and we had a most enjoyable walk covering the whole trail for the first time. Nothing unusual, but we did see both Scrub and Stellar’s Jays with very many of the former. Nineteen species in all .

There were flowers in abundance, young apples on the trees, and very young blackberries and flowers all along the canyon trail. It was a great day for butterflies and we were fortunate to have a butterfly whiz with us, who identified nine species including a very striking Zebra Swallowtail which was a life butterfly for your scribe.

All in all a fine morning ending with a gourmet picnic lunch, and a call on Annette with thanks for her help. Oak Glen is a wonderful spot; what a pity some missed it.

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve Paradise Fire

Greg Hill of BLM gave docents and volunteers an update yesterday and escorted us to parts of the Preserve most of us had not previously seen since the fire. The devastation on the Mesquite Trail is quite remarkable and yet the stairs, which the Eagle Scouts, built last year, are untouched. There are already signs of recovery with fresh green shoots on the bulrushes.

Wednesday Bird Walks

The Preserve remains closed and is likely to remain so for months rather than weeks. With immediate effect the Wednesday Walks will start from Covington Park, meeting in the Park parking lot at 7am, and will cover the park and adjacent areas.

Good Birding………………bb