Friday, August 11, 2006

BMB06/19 Bear Paw Ranch Friday 11th August 2006

We had a very fine morning birding at Bear Paw, arriving around 8.30am after taking the scenic route through Yucaipa and Calimesa. A temperature in the 80s and a specie count of 27 left us feeling rather pleased with ourselves, not least for the ten Mountain Quail which we saw crossing the road quite close by ahead of us - even MrsM had a good view, and a leisurely one at that!

Top of the Tram Monday 14th August 2006

If you would like a brief, easy bird walk around the three quarter mile trail in Long Valley, with no climbing and no rough trails, email me. We would probably also cover the area around the stream just beyond the Ranger Station, but nothing strenuous (but sadly I can do nothing about the ramp)

Oak Glen (Los Rios) Friday 18th August 2006

Meet at Denny’s Palm Springs, Indian and I10 at 7.30am, bring water for a short field trip, back in Palm Springs before lunch.

Heard that Mark and Karma were in BC recently and they sent a picture of flowers close to the summit of Mount Revelstoke (around 10,000 feet) 'which rival those in our best desert years'. We printed the picture and it is a sight to behold!


Barry Parkes