Wednesday, August 08, 2007

BMB07/07 Big Morongo Update 01AUG07

Margaret completed her July statistical review, and we saw 57 species, the most for four years. Nothing remarkable, but we are seeing returning migrants and in the last few days a pair of Lazuli Buntings has been seen. We really did not need the Brown-crested which came to the feeders for breakfast, the first time for two or three years. For the last ten days or so we have been seeing Mom raccoon and eight offspring - believe me!! Donna provided the pictures which I hope will be attached.
Attendance at our walks is quite low, with a preponderance of docents and very few visitors, but for a couple of hours from 7am the Preserve is really very pleasant - particularly so when we start with the Marsh trail; sorry so many of you are missing this!
The fence along Indian at the bottom of the Canyon trail is being resurrected and Posted notices threaten dire consequences for any kind of trespassing - you have been warned!
Activity Schedule Update
Friday 10th August -Oak Glen. Meet 7.30am at Denny's I10 and Indian,Palm Springs. Oak Glen a little after 8am, and we have clearance. Back by lunch time, bring water and a snack.
Monday 20th August - Bear Paw Ranch. Meet 7.30am at Denny's. Bring picnic and water.
Sunday 26th August - Salton Sea. Not for the faint hearted, we meet at Wister at 5.30am for a day with SBV Audubon. We already have takers including Dee & Betty and your scribe - call bb if you are interested.
Friday 31st August - Big Bear. Meet BMCP at 7am, Big Bear Discovery Centre about 8.30am. Bring picnic and water.
All queries and complaints to email or 760 333 2366, but we do hope you are all enjoying your
Barry Parkes
Rancho Mirage CA